BMW Electric Vehicles


Explore the future of driving with Overseas BMW's range of electric vehicles. Experience the dynamic performance, instant torque, and zero emissions of models like the BMW i5, i4, iX, and BMW i7. These innovative electric vehicles offer sustainability without compromising luxury.

i5 xDrive 40, M60

The BMW i5 xDrive is the pinnacle of electric driving, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with unparalleled performance. Its innovative all-wheel drive system, coupled with BMW's renowned engineering, delivers an exhilarating and sustainable driving experience. With its striking design and advanced features, the i5 xDrive sets a new standard for electric vehicles, offering a luxurious and eco-conscious driving experience like no other.

i4 eDRIVE35, eDRIVE40, xDrive40, M50

The BMW i4 eDrive40 represents the pinnacle of electric driving, combining exhilarating performance with exceptional efficiency and sustainability. With an impressive driving range, this dynamic sedan redefines the electric driving experience, offering a smooth, silent ride free from emissions. Discover the future of electric driving with the BMW i4 eDrive40.

iX xDrive40, xDrive50, M60

Experience the pinnacle of electric driving with the BMW iX. This groundbreaking vehicle combines visionary technology, sustainable materials, and luxurious comfort to redefine the driving experience. With its impressive range, rapid charging capabilities, and innovative features, the BMW iX represents the future of Electric driving.

i7 xDrive60, M70

The BMW i7 xDrive epitomizes the pinnacle of the electric driving experience, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with luxurious comfort. Its advanced electric drivetrain delivers a powerful yet smooth performance, complemented by the intelligent xDrive all-wheel drive system for optimal traction and stability.

Maximizing BEV Range


Saves range and begins each trip in relaxing warmth or energizing cool.

Ambient Heat Functions

Heated steering seats and armrests use less HV battery energy compated to heater and fan.

Regenerative Braking

"B" gear mode enhances one-pedal feeling, while optimizing energy recovery.

Benefits of Driving a BEV

Driving Pleasure

Exceptional Acceleration & Instant Torque


Smooth and
silent drive

The Fast Lane

Green Plates &
HOV Lane Access


CO2 emission reduction & zero rare earth materials used

Peace of Mind

3 Years NCSM & HV Battery Warranty 8 years, 160,000 km

Home Charging

BMW Flex Charger

Standard on Drive40 & M50

Incl. with Premium Package on eDrive35 & 40.

Compatible with 120-volt household outlets for Level

1 Charging, and Nema 14-50 outlet (installation required) for Level 2 Charging at 9.6kW max.


MSRP $1089.70

Extended 25 ft. cable length & hardwire.

Installation required. Exclusively supports Level 2 charging speeds up to 9.6kW.

Public Charging

  • Maximum charging Power - 205KW
  • 10%-18% charge ate 150kw - As little as 30 minutes DC Fast Charger

myBMW App

Vehicle Status

Track range & Charge Time

Charging Management

View past charge sessions, statistics & costs

Trip Planning

Identify charging stops