BMW Value Service Packages: Retain Value

Equitable. Transparent. Customized for Your Needs


Together with your BMW, you’ve been on many roads and many adventures – all representing different chapters of your shared story. A story that is far from ending. Because with BMW Value Service Packages, you can keep your BMW running smoothly on the road ahead with attractive and transparent prices, and care that is perfectly tailored to your needs.


You and your BMW have shared countless roads and adventures, each marking a unique chapter in your story. A story far from over. BMW Value Service Packages offer you attractive, transparent prices and customized care that can keep your BMW running smoothly on the road ahead.

  • Tailored to your BMW model and your unique needs.
  • Premium services including oil, microfilter, brake services, and more.
  • Attractive and transparent all-inclusive package pricing.
  • Specialized BMW Service Technicians who only use Original BMW Parts.
  • With our standard 2-Year Parts & Labour Warranty, you will leave your BMW Service appointment with ultimate confidence knowing that the work you received is covered for the road ahead.


You can enjoy every kilometre with BMW Service Inclusive because everything runs so smoothly. Forget about the costs of service, maintenance and wear and tear for the time period purchased. All your service will be completed by BMW Certified Technicians, so your vehicle is always in excellent hands. You can rest assured that your BMW will always be serviced with precision and that only Original BMW Parts will be used. Reliability, quality and performance go without saying. Not forgetting the economical benefit of this exclusive service, the attractive and transparent costs mean that you can keep your vehicle performing at its best on every drive. And should you decide to sell your BMW, Service Inclusive can be transferred to the subsequent owner, while helping to preserve the value of the vehicle. BMW’s ongoing commitment to your driving pleasure, safety, and peace of mind begins with our engineer’s obsession to create The Ultimate Driving Experience. As part of this commitment, our maintenance programs assure you are taken care of, so you can focus on other things. BMW Service Inclusive offers that security with two worry-free maintenance upgrade options.

Specifically, Service Inclusive will cover the replacement of wear-and-tear items such as brake linings, brake rotors, engine belts, wiper blades, and clutch components* Choose either the 3 years/60,000 km or the 4 years/80,000 km term. ** The Service Inclusive upgrades are available for purchase at Overseas Motors BMW They may be purchased up to one year or 25,000 kilometres after the date when the warranty begins.