How to Use BMW Parking Assistant?

How to Use BMW Parking Assistant?

We all need a little help sometimes with challenging parking spaces. Thankfully, with the BMW Parking Assistant, a perfect parallel parking can happen now. Let’s give it a go.

After you’ve identified car parking lot, you want to get into, what you need to do is to press the Parking assistant (P) button on the dashboard. You’ll see on screen, a little park assist symbol with a tick on it.

Using indicator light, inform your BMW that on which hand side you want your BMW to search for parking space. Next step you have to take is to drive forward slowly, you’ll see on screen search lines on both hand sides indicating that car is in searching mode.

A sound will indicate that the parking manoeuvre is complete.

That’s how you use BMW park assistant. Thanks for watching. Drive safe. find us...

  • Keep driving slowly with hands on steering. As soon as BMW calculates adequate parking area on desired hand side, a message is shown on the screen “To begin parking manoeuvre, stop vehicle”, so you have to follow this command.
  • After that you can see another command “To begin parking manoeuvre, engage reverse gear and take hand off steering wheel”. So we put vehicle into reverse and take our hands completely off the steering wheel.
  • Here the real magic begins, BMW takes over the steering wheel, it’s a bit scary at the beginning but you have to trust the system. Still you have to control paddles and forward-reverse gear, which means you control speed and brake whereas BMW takes care of steering wheel.