Parts & Service Overview


At Overseas Motors BMW, we know your car best

Overseas Motors BMW treats the needs of each customer as the topmost priority. We don't just aim towards meeting our customer's expectations but exceeding those standards every time they visit us for their vehicle's servicing. Whether it is tire rotation, an oil change, or any other vehicle service, with Overseas Motors BMW, you can be assured that your beloved car is checked thoroughly for any new product updates or any worn components, and is fixed right the very first time you visit us. Avoid the unnecessary hassle and unreliable services at unknown garages. Bring your car to Overseas Motors BMW for the most genuine service by certified experts and technicians.

Overseas Motors BMW is a proud member of the Rafih Auto Group that has some of the best inventories of new and used cars and service facilities across Canada and the USA.


Parts and Service Videos

Watch these videos to know how at Overseas Motors BMW we take care of your car with all the parts and services it needs such as cleaning and replacing the brakes, regular check-up of the engine, pick-up and drop-off service for your vehicle (valet service), and more:

Brakes: At Overseas Motors BMW, your car is fixed with only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brake pads or shoes that ensure that the performance and reliability of the vehicle's braking system remain the best.

Car Engine: The car's engine ensures that your vehicle runs smoothly and performs best. The health of the engine determines the overall performance of your car. Hence, it is important to get it regularly checked to ensure that the engine is running without any issues.

Valet Service: It is important to take your vehicle to the dealership at regular intervals for a check-up to ensure that it's running smoothly and perform best. However, we understand that you have a busy schedule. That is why we offer pick-up and drop-off services to make your vehicle service experience more convenient.

Overseas Motors BMW Service Facilities: At Overseas Motors BMW, we have several amenities available for you to make your vehicle servicing easy, comfortable, and relaxing, such as shuttle service, valet service, complimentary car wash, and many more.

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Overseas Motors BMW Service Facilities

With a highly experienced team of technicians, the Overseas Motors BMW service department is committed to giving you excellent service. We have a lot of amenities available for you to make your vehicle servicing an easy, comfortable, and relaxing experience.

We offer a wide variety of services for the convenience of our clients. Such as shuttle service, pickup and drop-off, and rental vehicles. We cater to our client's comfort by providing a waiting lounge where our clients can relax while their beloved vehicle is taken care of.

BMW Brakes Repair Service

How to find out if there is some problem with your car's brakes? One of the most recognizable warning signs are odd sounds coming out of your vehicle such as grinding, screeching, squealing, rubbing, and other high-pitched noises.

For example, high-pitched noise during the braking process means you're dealing with worn-out brake pads and shoes. Continuing to drive in such circumstances will cause further damage to your vehicle if left unattended. Whenever you hear any of these noises, bring your BMW to us and we will take care of it.

What Are Rear Differential Leaks?

The rear differential receives the torque from the engine and splits the energy two ways allowing the left and the right wheels to turn at different speeds. The rear differential disperses the power between the rear wheels. If the right tire is heading into a turn at 17 rotations per minute, the left tire will have to slow down by 17 rotations per minute.

How do you know if your rear differential is leaking or not? In order to determine this, you can look to see if there is any oil seeping out of the gasket, by checking the underside of the differential. You can also check underneath the rear of the car between the two tires. If there's a puddle of oil, you may have a leaking differential seal that you would need to get fixe in a timely manner to prevent catastrophic failure to the internal components.

Overseas Motors BMW Valet Service

When you own a vehicle, it's important that you take care of it properly and get your vehicle serviced regularly and on time. We know you're busy and sometimes it is hard to find the time to bring your vehicle in. Now, you don't have to worry about it!

At Overseas Motors BMW, we provide a valet service exclusively for our customers. We can pick up the car from your office or home and service it and deliver it back to you. We also provide shuttle services if you want to bring the vehicle in yourself. The shuttle service at Overseas Motors BMW is FREE.

Overseas Motors BMW Service Center Tour

Welcome to Overseas Motors BMW! When you come in for your service appointment, simply drive right into our service drive-thru. At the service reception area, our service advisors would be happy to help you out at your appointment time.

If you need any help with the car parts, you can come over to our parts department and one of the expert parts' advisors will help you with all you need and finding the right parts for your vehicle. You can also purchase any accessories for your vehicle or any of our lifestyles merchandise. While you are waiting for your vehicle, feel free to browse our inventory of new cars.