What Are Rear Differential Leaks?

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I am Melanie Teskey from Overseas Motors BMW The BMW owners don’t just own it, but they rather celebrate its presence in their life. Today, I will throw light on ‘Rear Differential Leak’ to know what exactly it means. This is one problem that has been popping up with BMWs in particular. Therefore, as a BMW owner it’s very critical for you to know about this problem in your car.

If it happens in your BMW, it’s high time to replace the fluid.

Firstly, let’s know about what the real differential is and what exactly it does?

In simple terms, the real differential receives the torque from the engine and splits the energy two ways- allowing the left and right wheels to turn at a different speed. Real differential disperses power between the rear wheels. If the right tire is heading into a turn at 17 rotations per minute, the left tire will have to slow down by 17 rotations per minute.

How to know if Rear Differential is Leaking or not?

In order to determine if the rear differential is leaking or not; you can look to see if there is any oil seeping out of the gasket by checking the underside of the differential housing. If there is leakage happening, your differential gasket is weak and about to fail completely.

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  • Another way is, you can also check underneath the rear of the car between the two tires. If there is a puddle of oil, you probably have a leaking differential gasket.
  • You will need to get this leak fixed in a timely manner, as the problems can only begin to manifest over time.
  • Are you finding the right repair shop for your BMW to ensure if it has rear differential leak or not?

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